Marsh Features

The purpose is this page is to illustrate features of Clan Lord Marsh snells. This should help the lost exile to ascertain his/her location. It is intended as a companion to Tonoto's Marsh map. Tonoto's comments are worth reading.

For a single snell, only the salient features (usually islands) have been included. This was done to show as much detail as possible on the included portions. The relative position of the little rectangles is correct but some intervening water etc has been deleted. A grey stripe between bounding rectangle and a feature indicates feature is close to the edge. The colour of the enclosing rectangle corresponds to the colours used by Tonoto in his Marsh maps. The red square preceding a snell name denotes an important snell for navigation (entry/exit).

The snells have been divided into North Marsh and South Marsh. Within the South Marsh illustration, the ordering is by diminishing number of trees/islands. Both forms of the south central portion of Dead Tree are shown.

North Marsh

Two-Tree snell is the entry/exit for the North Marsh. The figure standing by the weeds in the northwest corner is ready to exit to East Field South by walking north.

Dead Tree Island exists in two forms. The form (Black) reached from Eleven Island snell allows exit to Old Cemetery. The form (Grey) reached from Two Tree Island does not allow exit to Old Cemetery. Entering and leaving the black area in SE corner sometimes changes the form of the snell. (The black area is not a safe area.)

South Marsh

Two Island snell in the South Marsh is the place to exit to North Marsh. From NE corner, go north to Dead Tree Island. From the SE corner of Dead Tree go south to Two Tree snell.