These pictures were taken by Roger D. Moore on the 28 July 2006 Critical Mass ride in Toronto Canada. I have rotated, brightened, cropped and compressed them. Most of the cropping was to eliminate background clutter while preserving images of cyclists and other participants. I have discarded a few images as too dark or boring. Most pictures are unposed and were taken while the Ride was moving. If you want an original file for some reason, contact me at

The long skateboards which graced the June Ride were absent but there were a few funny bikes on this Ride.

The first three pictures were taken on Bloor looking west from Bay at start of the Ride.

A keen rider preparing to sprint?

Still on Bloor after detour through Yorkville

Darren Stehr can be seen at work in upper left corner.

Ride has stopped on Yonge at Gerrand while heading south.

Blurry picture of funny bike

Ride emerging from Eaton Centre west exit onto Holy Trinity Lane

Another custom bike

Heading north on Portland to Queen St W

Two views of the Community Art Project on Augusta St

This automobile was parked immediately south of the Community Art Project shown above. It caused the demise of the July 2006 Ride. People were encouraged to sign it which led to considerable milling about and attrition. It is curious that a single car caused the breakup of the Ride.

These picture were posed on Augusta St just north of Community Art Project. Your webmaster is on the right (on his Rocky Mountain Metro). The queue to sign the car can be seen in the upper background of the left picture.

The remnants of the Ride continued to Alexandra Park for some free food. My pictures are too blurry to post.