These pictures were taken by Roger Moore on the 30 June 2006 Critical Mass ride in Toronto Canada. I have brightened, cropped and compressed them. Most of the cropping was to eliminate background clutter while preserving images of cyclists and other participants. I have discarded a few images as too dark or boring. Pictures are unposed and were taken while the Ride was moving. If you want an original file for some reason, contact me at

Taken while travelling south of Spadina from Bloor. Our trumpeter is blowing the charge.

Community Bicycle Network provided extra cycles for those in need.

Another picture on Spadina near start of the ride.

This improved car was parked in Kensington Market. The sign in front of windshield reads "The revolution will not be motorized".

Southbound again on Spadina, north of Queen St.

Still southbound on Spadina, north of Queen St.

The ride is passing the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts at Queen and University. (it is the glass wall at the upper left corner of the picture.) The June Ride welcomed about ten skateboarders.

The next three pictures were taken as the Ride moved north on Yonge St past Gerrard.

This bicycle has a continental kit to store a spare wheel.

This elegantly dressed rider is passing the Holt Renfrew store on Bloor Street.

The next three pictures were taken on York St just south of Lakeshore Blvd westbound. The view is south. The first image includes the York/Bay/Yonge offramp from the Gardiner Expreesway. (The ramp has been cropped out of the last two images. Too bad that tearing down the Expressway in harder in real life :-). ) Note the various styles of long skateboard in the first image.

The Ride is headed west on Bremner Blvd with SkyDome (aka Rogers Centre) visible in upper left.