Beach behind Sandy Beach and Concler

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Concler was just north of modern Brooker's Lane. Palace Pier Court at the top

Edgecliff Beach is a name which appears on 1974 edition of the West Toronto map. The publisher is Canada's Department of Energy, Mines, and Resources (map030m11). It appears to be an error. A 1935 map places Edgecliff Beach a little east of moden Palace Pier Court. It was associated with a fenced beach resort operated by Emil Brooker (for whom Brooker's Lane is named) which was originally a bit east at the Humber River.

37 Sandy Beach Motel rear showing beach and houses. The four houses behind the green-roofed shed are: 2113 2111 2109 and 2107. 2107 is behind the semi-detached at 2103/2105.

17: Sandy Beach Motel & adjacent houses

10: houses with Seahorse1, Swansea & Palace Pier condos behind. White trailer on right is just in front of Seahorse tennis court.

exPProof: sandy Beach viewed from atop Palace Pier. Lawn behind North American/Hillcrest can be seen at top of the photo. Fence at bottom of photo encloses Seahorse tennis court.

39: looking SW from beach towards Concler

Etobicoke Motel Strip index map