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This page contains sundry pictures which don't fit elsewhere.

TTC 507 streetcar

20: derelict red catamaran behind Concler Motel

Cruise Motel sign at night

Lake Edge Motel sign at night

SNC Lavalin Office at NW corner of Park Lawn and Lakeshore has been replaced by the West Lake Condos.

36: Camera is near foot of Palace Pier Court looking towards sandy beach (not visible) and Seahorse. Horizontal blue area at right with fence is swimming pool.

11: just west of Palace Pier Court

21: two houses on Etobicoke Motel Strip. Green roofed house is not located. Evergreen tree should give a location cue.

13: Casa Loma rear view

15: Humber Bay shore from Sunnsyside to Hanlon's Point

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