Might directories 1899 to 1929 corrected text
Name and employor corrections
Trade corrections
Residence entries
Anomalous years
1914 Humber Extension
1923 to 1925 Might Directories
Changes which might be disputed
Trade codes

The digitized Might directory files have errors from several sources:
1] Might canvasser may have erred in original data collection.
2] Might typist/printer may have misread canvasser's handwriting.
3] OCR software may have misread flyspecks etc.
4] My correction attempts via regular expressions may have created new errors.

Once located, OCR errors are the easiest to correct as examination of the image of the printed page will indicate the correct text. Might canvasser/typist errors are usually resolved by comparing entries for the same person in multiple years. External sources are sometimes helpful for prominent residents.

Name and employor corrections

Alphabetization of names and businesses is a useful analysis tool in the spreadsheet form. Consistent spelling is a prerequisite to this. For businesses and churches, this usually a simple matter of consistent use of punctuation and abbreviation. For people it is more difficult. The unemended text often has a first name which may be followed by an initial. The problem is deciding if entries from several years refer to the same person or different people with the same last name. I looked for entries from adjacent years with commonality in other fields (trade, employer, residence). With agreement in two other fields, I concluded that the various entries referred to the same person. With agreement in only one other field, I sometimes made the emendation. Part way through the emendations, I started recording the more controversial corrections. Given first names of "Wm" and "Wm A" the correction either added or deleted the initial depending on which form was more common in the original directories. Emendations also varied the order of initials (S E Brown vs E S Brown) and adjusted name abbreviations.

After 1898, a few Might directory entries appear in a mixture of boldface, allcaps and larger font. Octavious Hicks, Charles Hughes and Charles Nurse were the usual purchasers of this advertising service. I have deleted all traces of these devices.

Trade, employer and street names have been normalised. Might canvassers sometimes used several abbreviations for a popular trade such as "brick maker". The intent of normalisation is to standardize spelling (as if editing Middle English poetry). For company names, this can be sensitive issue as names sometimes changed over the four decades listed here. My intent was to have a consistent name for a single year but to preserve the corporate name changes over the years.

Trade corrections

Trade emendation has been approached with more caution than other corrections. When the trade field is blank, I have not changed it unless an employer was specified. Then the trade was changed to either "emp" or "brick maker2" depending on the employer. Brickyard labourers also became "brick maker2". For other brickyard employees who are not "brick maker1" (identified by Might as a brick maker), a group of compound trades has been create e.g. "brick3-foreman", "brick3-mgr", "brick3-teamster" etc. Many of the "brick3-mgr" people should be "brick mnfr" (brickyard owner). Engraver and engineer have similar abbreviations and I have used comparison with other years and employer in an attempt to detect incorrect trade of "engineer".

Market gardening was an important activity in Humber Bay. The trade "mkt gdnr" indicates the owner of a small farm, "gdnr" is an employee of a "mkt gdnr". Might canvassers have compiled data which is mostly plausible but I suspect as many as 5% of the entries may be misclassified. I have not made any emendations in this industry. Note that for these two trades, the "employer" field usually contains a street address rather an employer name.

Almost all policemen, etc have been normalized to "constable". The exception is "co constable" which is an abbreviation for "county constable".

Minor trade changes are enumerated here.

Residence entries

Residence entries begin with one of four codes:
hom - person is head of household
lvs - person lives at this address but is not head
bds - person boards at this address
res - person resides outside of Humber Bay (not always used)
The "lvs" and "bds" categories sometimes seem incorrect but I have not emended them.
Street numbers came to Humber Bay around 1923. Before that time, residence entries indicated north/south or east/west. (Streetcar stop number was rarely used but only applied to Lake Shore Shore rd.)

Anomalous years

1889 and 1890

Swansea was included in Humber Bay in 1889 and 1890. This resulted in many employees of Ont Bolt Co and Ont Rolling Mill Co residing on the east side of the river being included in Humber Bay. The 1890 data has 129 employees of the rolling mill and 100 at the bolt works. Of these 229 workers about 50 are listed in 1891 Swansea directory as residents. Another ten or so can be eliminated by street address. This still leaves a very large number workers from these two companies in 1890. This compares with 15 at the rolling mill and five at the bolt works for 1891. These two facilities apparently shutdown in 1893 and 1894 respectively. Tor Bolt & Forging had employees residing in Humber Bay in 1902 thru 1906. Early 20th century data shows people working as "bolt mkr" or "nut mkr" but no employer is given until Stelco appeared in 1922. I have decided not to purge Swansea data from 1889 and 1890.

1914 Humber Extension

In 1914 the city of Toronto was contemplating an amalgamation with sundry villages known as the HUMBER VALLEY EXTENSION. Might anticipated this and consolidated alphabetic directories for HUMBER BAY with all the other villages in the proposed amalgamation. I have attempted to construct a 1914 Humber Bay alphabetic directory by extracting from the Humber Valley Extension entry provided by Might's. The primary technique was to find the street names appearing in the 1915 Humber Bay directory. Householder and business data on those streets was selected. Some tenant data was included for family names such as Hicks and Orr. This method has two consequences:
Most tenant and worker data is absent.
Some Swansea and Mimico data is included as Queen and Lake Shore extend beyond the Humber Bay area.

1923 to 1925 Might Directories

The 1923 to 1925 format is unusual. For each street in HUMBER BAY, an abbreviated street directory is included. An entry here has house number and name only and lacks occupational and spousal data. (This street directory content foreshadows the 1930 to 2001 format). This is followed by an alphabetic directory similar to those in 1889 thru 1928 directories. I have omitted those street directories.

Changes which might be disputed

Some of my emendations might be questioned by historians. Some Might errors seemed obvious to me. This lists changes which I have made and not made. VERSUS indicates a name which probably should be changed but for which I was unable to find a correct version. For some names such as "Bellamore" I suspect there is no correct version.

Asaph Wilmot G and Asaph W Gourley CHANGED TO Asaph Wilmot Gourley
Armstrong Wm TRADE from eng to brickmkr 1892
Armstrong Wm TRADE from eng to none 1906
Beldone Martha VERSUS Beldonen Martha
Bellamore VERSUS Bellemer VERSUS Bellemere
Blenhorn CHANGED TO Blenkhorn
Brierly CHANGED TO Brierley
Brierly Alfred 1917/1918 CHANGED TO Brierley
Brooker Edward L CHANGED TO Brooker Edward A
Brown[S] Elizabeth CHANGED TO Brown S Elizth
lvs/bds Mrs E Brown CHANGED TO Mrs S E Brown
Butwell Brk Wks Yds Yards CHANGED TO Butwell Brick Co, Ltd
Butwell H BUSINESS CHANGED TO Henry Butwell
Butwell Henry 1895 1896 TRADE from brick maker1 to brick mnfr
Butwell Henry, 1913 -1917 TRADE FROM pres to brick mnfr
Butwell Mark TRADE FROM 1897 engineer TO brick maker1 1910 1911 1912
Butwell Mark TRADE FROM 1910 1911 1912 engineer TO brick maker1
Butwell Reginald L CHANGED TO Butwell Reginald N
Can Steel Co CHANGED TO Steel Co of Can (22)
Can Steel Wks CHANGED TO Steel Co of Can (5)
Cane VERSUS Gane blksmith
Carter Walter CHANGED TO Walter H
Crowe Catherine
Crowe Catherine(wid Edwd) 1923/24 and (wid John) 1926 CHANGED TO (wid Stewart)
The husband of Catherine Hannah Crowe was known as Thompson, Stuart and Stewart.
Cumming CHANGED TO Cummings
Daniels Frank CHANGED TO Francis
Denovan VERSUS Donovan
Devins Isaac Boat House & Confy CHANGED TO Devins' Boat
I N Devins CHANGED TO Isaac N Devins
Devins Issac CHANGED TO Devins Isaac
1890 Duck Wm T, postmaster and confectioner CHANGED TO postmaster
Eagles CHANGED TO Egles (25)
Endicott CHANGED TO Endacott
Etobicoke County Council CHANGED TO Etobicoke Twp (3)
Finlay VERSUS Findlay VERSUS Finley and Richard VERSUS Reginald
Fordice CHANGED TO Fordyce (7)
Gardner Gordon W VERSUS Gardiner
Gipson Robert M to Reuben M
Goodyear Rubber Co VERSUS Goodyear Tire Co
Gray Lucy (wid Jas) CHANGED TO (wid Geo) 1923
Handley Walter R VERSUS Hanley
Healey Della A VERSUS Della H
Hewit 1889 VERSUS Hewett
Hicks Harry G VERSUS George H
Hicks O L 1889 1891 TRADE brick mnfr and boat bld CHANGED to brick mnfr
Hicks O L 1909 1910 1911 TRADE boat bldr and contractor CHANGED TO boat bldr
Hiscock VERSUS Hiscox VERSUS Hitchcox
Ingles Brass CHANGED TO Inglis Brass
Issac CHANGED TO Isaac (9)
J Maloney & Co CHANGED TO John Maloney & Co
Johnson Elizabeth (wid Wm) VERSUS Johnston Elizabeth (wid Wm)
Keiller CHANGED TO Keillor
™Knight John H, ∞machinist§ ∑≈ ®hom Dundas cor Davidson cres ??
1911 1912 1913 Keillor Angus CHANGED TO Angus E
1898 Lamb Peter CHANGES TO Lang Peter
Langhern CHANGED TO Lenghern
Le Claire VERSUS Le Clare VERSUS Leclere CHANGED TO LeClair
1901 Census uses LeClair
Legg CHANGED TO Legge (Overnite Cabins brochure 193?)
Legge Archd M and G Wallace TRADE FROM engineer to photo engraver
Lyttle VERSUS Lytle
Macdonald av CHANGED TO MacDonald av STREET (289)
1914 Magrath CHANGED TO McGrath
McMillan VERSUS McMillen SEE next two lines
1929 McMillan Roy to McMillen
1915 McMillen to McMillan (2)
McQuarrie Lula and Leila CHANGED TO Lila
McQuarrie Sarah E CHANGED (wid Donald A) {from Donald and Danl}
MacQuarrie VERSUS McQuarrie
Morin Ruth VERSUS Morn
Morton 1st name 1925 thru 1929 not resolved
1927 Naylor Thomas S, ∞brick brnr§ TO brick maker1
1916 Newton which Netwon is prop?
1902 North William A initial A removed
Orr Marjory CHANGED TO Miss Marjorie
Patullo and Pattulo CHANGED TO Pattullo 1913 Might City sec PDF648 & 888
Plumbtree Plumptree CHANGED TO Plumtree
Presley Anna CHANGED TO Annie (1921 Census)
Pressley VERSUS Presley VERSUS Prestley CHANGED TO Presley
Presley Florence I (1921 census form) CHANGED FROM Florence L or no initial
Pretty VERSUS Pressley 1891/1892 directories have both Presley Alfred & Pretty Alfred
Prewett CHANGED TO Prewitt 1921 Census has Prewitt
Price, Cummings & Co, Ltd etc CHANGED TO Price & Cummings
Proudfoot Ralph M VERSUS Rolph M
Quarrie CHANGED TO McQuarrie
Queen w CHANGED TO Queen STREET (181)
Quin VERSUS Quinn
1913 Quin Arthur T CHANGED TO Quinn Arthur F
Reeves (person) F F, Frank CHANGED TO Frank F TRADE mkt gdnr
Riverside CHANGED TO River Bank (PLACE)
1919 1920 Rowett George W VERSUS Rowett George H
Runnalls Jos CHANGED TO Runnalls Joseph
Rush Daisy TO Miss Daisy
1911 Simpson George TRADE from cond to constable
1922 Smith Henry S duplicate deleted
Sproule CHANGED TO Sproul
Stevens VERSUS Stephens John 1900 thru 1904
Swansea Steel Co CHANGED TO Steel Co of Can (2)
Tiffon CHANGED TO Tiffin 1921 Census Dalton Tiffin
Tor Bolt & Nut Wks CHANGED TO Tor Bolt & Forging Co 1904 (2)
Trewin Joseph T 1929 deleted
Van Waggoner 1911 Census e002037101
Vanwaggoner & Van Waggener CHANGED TO Van Waggoner
1924 Varney J, ∞§ ∑≈ ®hom s s Aldgate av
Willards CHANGED TO Willard's Chocolates Ltd
Winter Sydney CHANGED TO Sidney 1923 1924 1925
Wright Saml, and Sam L CHANGED TO Saml L


Chas TO Charles
Edwd TO Edward
Geo TO George
Jas TO James
Jos TO Joseph
Michl TO Michael
Patk TO Patrick
Richd TO Richard
Robt TO Robert
Thos TO Thomas
William TO Wm

Trade codes were emended as follows

car clnrcar cleaner
mkt gdnrmarket gdnr