Index for 1889 to 2001 Might directory entries for HUMBER BAY


For reason explained in the notes below, the data has been broken into two sections as directory form changes drastically in 1930.
Data after 1922 is copyright Might Directories.

1923 to 1926 Street directories (with address & occupant) FUTURE
1889 to 1929 Humber Bay directories
1930 to 2001 Street directories
The following version has been aggressively corrected and has some unusual punctuation.
1889 to 1929 Humber Bay directories
Long notes on 1889 to 1929
Excel spreadsheet with 1899ff personal and company data
Employment data by trade and year

Notes for all subpages

Proof-reading and correction has slightly altered the Might text. Might used fairly narrow columns which required some entries to be broken into multiple lines. I have tried to eliminate those line breaks. SPELLING CORRECTIONS: I have tried to correct OCR errors. I have corrected many printer and canvasser spelling errors. Some errors are not easily correctable e.g (Banyal Coleman versus Banyai Coleman; Legg vs Legge). "Humber Crest" has been changed to "Humbercrest". Correction method for all pages was by comparing the OCR results with images of the original pages. Correction emphasized street number, proper names and telephone numbers. For some difficult situations, data from other years influenced the emendations. Around 1970 entries for homes and apartments sometimes included symbols which indicated the number of bedrooms and other things. These symbols have been either deleted or replaced by the at sign.

YEARA/YEARZ line indicate the begin/end of data for a specific year.

DATA FORMAT: I have chosen to maintain and publish a master copy as a single HTML page. My reason was that so special characters can be displayed and the data could be transferred to an e-book. An E-book would have the advantage of one chapter per year with a table of contents. For those researchers who need text, I recommend copying the data from a web browser to a line-at-a-time text editor. Various fancy search techniques are then somewhat easier than with a webpage.

Short notes on 1889 to 1929 Might's directory extracts.

Long notes on 1889 to 1929

The format of early 20th century Might's directories differs from those published in 1930 and later years. The 1930ff organisation is by street. North and south side data are sometimes intermixed and sometimes kept separate. This makes extraction of the entries for a small geographic area rather easy.
For pre-1930 data, I have chosen to include the entire Humber Bay postal area. In modern terms, this is from south of Berry road, as far as west as Royal York for north of the Queensway, for south of the Queensway and north of railroad, Grand av is western boundary. South of railroad Mimico Creek is boundary.

A typical entry after 1900 contains a last name, first name[s], occupation, {employer}, residential code, residence. In this edition occupation was been punctuated by ∞trade§. Occupation codes have been aggressively corrected. Many canvasser and printer errors have been fixed. Codes have been normalized eg {brickmaker, brickmkr, brkmkr, brk mkr, brckmkr, etc} have been replaced by "brick maker". For mystery codes which exist in the original pages, many codes were corrected by comparison with data for other years for the same person.

NOTES on 1930 to 2001 Might's directory extracts for HUMBER BAY

SCOPE: My primary focus was upon data from south side of Lake Shore Road (aka Lakeshore Boulevard W) from the Humber River to Salisbury Av (aka Park Lawn Road). Data capture sometimes extended a little beyond that core geographic area. North side data and a little bit extra on east and west has been included for some years. I attempted to always capture north side data for Humber River boat builders/renters.

Maps and Street Names

Charles Goad published detailed maps of the city of Toronto and some suburbs. These maps were complied for fire insurance purposes and were leased to users. Nathan Ng has assembled a large set of these maps. They can be found here:
Goad atlas website
I have cropped and compressed the three plates from Goad's 1924 atlas which show Humber Bay subdivisions. Click on the graphic index below to see one of the three Humber Bay plates.

Street names in Humber Bay are moderately volatile. I have compiled a list of 48 street names which either appear in Goad maps or Might directories from 1924/1929. Twelve of these streets have vanished; nine have the same name in 2017 Google Maps as they did in 1929. The remaining twenty seven streets have changed name. This table attempts to catalog the changes.

Street name changes from 1929 to 2017
fictitiousexisted only on subdivision plans and maps
razeddisplaced by Humber Sewage Plant or Ontario Food Terminal
same2017 name same as 1924 name
1929 name2017 name1929 descriptions
ALDGATE AVsameNorth from Queen to Limits, first east of Salisbury av
AMELIArazedNorth from Queen st to Humber av, fourth west of Humber River
BAYDELL AVfictitious(aka BOYDELL) West from Cockburn av, first north of Cannon rd
BERL AVsameNorth from Queen to Howard, fifth west of Salisbury av
BIRCH AVBurma drNorth from Queen to Howard, third west of Salisbury av
BRUSSELSsameEast from Grand av, second South of Queen
BURGESS AVWaniskaWest from Cockburn to Humbercrest av, second north of Queen
CANNON RDsameWest from Cockburn to Salisbury av, third north of Queen
CATHRONshortenedSouth from Queen, first west of Salisbury
CHURCHRoyal York rd
COCKBURNStephenNorth from Queen, sixth west of Humber River
COLLEGEBerry rdWest from Humber River to Church, fourth north of Queen
COTSWOLD AVrazedEast from Aldgate av to Douglas av, first north of Hushton av
DANIELSsameWest from Orchard av to Harrison av
DAVIDSON CRESrazedSouth from Queen, first west of Lake Shore rd
DOUGLASSmithfieldNorth from Queen to Burgess av, first west of Cockburn
FREDERICAHigh stNorth from Queen, fifth west of Humber River
GODSON RDrazedNorth from Queen, first west of Humber River
GRAND AVsameSouth from Queen to CNR tracks first west of Salisbury av
HARRISON AVHolbrooke avNorth from Queen to Howard, second east of Church
HELDENArazedEast from Orient av first south of Queen
HOLTBYrazedEast & West from Orient av, second south of Queen
HOWARDDelroy drWest from Orchard av to Church, second north of Queen
HUMBER AVWhitworth avName changed to Humberside av
HUMBERCREST AVGutherie avNorth from Rushton av to Burgess av, second west of Salisbury av
HUMBERSIDE AVWhitworth avWest from Oliver to Cockburn
HUMBOLT AVFrancis avNorth from Hushton av to Burgess av
LAKE SHORE RDLakeshore Blvd WWest from Humber River to Mimico
LORNEsamefrom 207 Salisbury av to Valley dr
MACDONALD AVrazedNorth from Queen, second west of Humber River
MARKTenby stWest from Harrison av to Church, first north of Queen
MARYfictitious(aka MARK) First from Church, first north of Queen
McINTOSH AV sameNorth from Queen to Howard, fourth west, of Salisbury av
McROBERTS AVRosemeade avNorth from Queen to Howard first east of Church
OLIVERrazedNorth from Queen, 3rd west of Humber River
ORCHARD AVWoodford Park rdNorth from Queen to Howard, first west of Salisbury av
ORCHARD PARK DRrazedEast from Church, 3rd north of Queen
ORIENT AVrazedSouth from Queen to CNR tracks, second west of Cockburn.
QUEENQueenswayWest, from Stop 6 Lake Shore rd to Islington avenue
RANKIN AVfictitiousNorth and south from the head of Woodrow av, first west of Lambton av
RUSH AVRingley avName changed to Rushton av
RUSHTON AV Ringley av(aka Rush) East from 224 Salisbury av to Cockburn
SALISBURY AVPark Lawn rdN from Stop 10{1926} Lake Shore to College, 1st east of Mimico Cr
SYDENHAMrazedWest from 65 Salisbury av
TIZZARDrazedNorth and south from Orchard Park drive first south of College
VALLEY DRIVEBonnyview drNorth from Queen, first west of Salisbury av
WANISKA AVsameWest from 273 Salisbury av to Mimico Creek. third north of Lake Shore rd
WESLEYMilton stSouth from Queen to beyond limits, second west of Salisbury av