I.P. Sharp Associates (IPSA) is an international software and communications company that has been meeting the needs of the global marketplace for more than twenty years. Our wealth of knowledge and experience, gained in leading the growth of the communications industry, has earned us a unique position in the world forum. As the grandfather of international computer communi­cations, IPSA offers integrated network technology that is second to none.



The Choice is Clear


The right business decisions are only made with all the facts at hand. So, what are your alternatives?

You could build your own international network. But beware ... this involves a lot more than substantial capital outlay! You need the technical resources not only to source and install hardware and write the communications software, but also to maintain your network at current technological standards and provide local service and support. A network of any size may take literally years to build. Can you afford to wait?


Or, you could use common carriers. Generally simple data pipelines provided by national telephone utilities, these carriers interconnect with other utilities at every national border. Government regulations, application, billing, and even access procedures vary from one country to the next, as do the limited services that may (or may not) be available. A rather cumbersome alternative and, as with any chain, only as strong as its weakest link


Introducing IPSANET ... I.P. Sharp Associates' private, international communications network. With local access from 800 cities in 64 countries and territories, we're already anywhere and everywhere you need us. We have the network and the network specialists to provide reliable, cost-effective and immediate solutions to your communications needs.

IPSANET can be your total solution, used exclusively to meet all your communications needs. Or, if you plan to build your own international network but need to be operational now, IPSANET can be your interim solution. Finally, IPSANET can be the missing link bridging any gaps in your existing network in a cost-effective solution to lower volume requirements.

Until you've seen what IPSANET can do, you haven't seen enough!



Secure Solutions

At IPSA, we believe in providing complete solutions to your communications needs. We are the only network company in the world to write and support software for the mainframe and the network itself, as well as pc's, and even local area networks. This total integration allows us to offer unparalleled security, both in state-of-the-art applications and transmission of data.

Our use of packet-switching technology ensures secure, error-free data transmission. And, because the need for extra security is highly individual, we support your choice of data encryption devices.


Back in a Flash

Imagine making a round trip anywhere in the world in under half a second ... impossible? Not when you use IPSANET! We've spent the last decade exploiting communications technology to deliver the fastest response time of any international network. Our own high speed land lines, combined with the link protocol we developed to control data flow between nodes, ensure that IPSANET delivers the greatest efficiency with lightning response. Ideal for the interactive user - and (thanks to statistical multiplexing) you also benefit from relatively low connect charges!


Reliability by Design


We're not only where you need us, we're there when you need us. Reliability is the cornerstone on which our network service is built. In fact, IPSANET has never had a complete shutdown! With a decade of continuous service to our credit, you know you can rely on IPSANET.

The entire network is continuously monitored by our network operations specialists. Our line monitoring capabilities are so sophisticated that we can alert local utilities to potential line problems, offering diagnostic information, long before our users notice any degradation in service.


The unique configuration of IPSANET guarantees maximum reliability. Each node in the network operates independently of the others. So, if there's a problem in one location, transmissions are automatically routed through adjacent nodes. With no reliance on a central hub, it's virtually impossible to bring down the network.


End-to-End Service


The same dedicated professionals who have contributed to the development of IPSANET throughout the last decade are still with IPSA today, more committed than ever to providing you with the ultimate in network service.


We maintain complete operational responsibility for the network, so you don't need any expensive technical resources on your staff. Anywhere in the world, our communications specialists are always available to you. The single vendor simplicity of the IPSANET solution is peace of mind - whatever you need, you only need us.


Because we offer a unique integration of software, database, micro/mainframe and network techno­logies, we provide end-to-end service that no other company can even begin to match. Our competitive edge can give you the competitive edge!


The Future is Now

From IPSA's beginnings more than 20 years ago, we have been dedicated to developing technology. In our quest to meet tomorrow's needs today, we have built one of the largest, most advanced networks in the world. It is this investment in the past that has committed us so firmly to the future.

IPSA's technical excellence has fostered the growth of a truly future-proof environment. Our continuous evolution is carefully planned and facilitated by the distributed structure of IPSANET. Down line load capability allows upgrades and enhancements to network software with no disruption in network operations.

IPSA's commitment to ongoing research and development is already moving our network technology into the 21st century. For IPSANET, the future is now.


Flexibility to Meet Your Needs


The challenge still remains to meet your needs. And that's where IPSA really excels. We have the unrivalled flexibility to be your best solution.


That flexibility begins with worldwide support of an impressive array of devices. This includes ASCII asynchronous terminals (such as pc's and word processors), IBM EBCD or correspondence terminals, IBM 3270 series Information Display Systems, bisync devices emulating 2780/3780 protocols, 370 channel connect, line printers, and magnetic tape drives. Access to IPSANET can be tailored to the requirements of each location ... wire directly into a host mainframe, dial in, use a leased line, or install a node at your site.

IBM host-based TSO, IMS and other SNA 3270 applications can be accessed economically from asynchronous IBM pc's anywhere in the world. We also provide full support for the X25 international standard, with interfaces to most major public networks, including Austpac, Datapac, Datapak, Datex-P, PSS, Telenet, Telepac, Transpac and Tymnet.


IPSANET also connects with the worldwide Telex network. In addition to supporting Telex terminals, you can send and receive Telex messages either through IPSA's electronic messaging system, MAILBOX, or through a custom interface. Transmission of messages is accomplished economically via a Telex forwarding service, or directly across IPSANET.


Whatever you need, wherever you need it - IPSANET fits.


Success Stories


No matter where in the world you do business, IPSANET can help you do it better. As our clients have found, the possibilities are endless!


A major, multinational manufacturer of business machines has a sophisticated international tracking system that relies on IPSANET. Terminals are installed in the offices of carriers, shippers, brokers and couriers, so that on-line documentation is completed at every step of a product's journey. Tracing shipments is simple, anywhere in the world.


A large computer manufacturer has a global spares support logistics system designed to maintain overall operational availability above 99% for their entire worldwide installed equipment base. To support this, their worldwide inventory tracking system, complete with repair program tracking capability and replenishment ordering and status, depends on IPSANET to maintain their high standards.



Telex interfacing allows an international joint venture to offer an on-line commodities trading system for international dealers. Incoming and outgoing Telex messages are automatically translated into the appropriate format, thus automating documentation of the trading process and ensuring accuracy and ease of data transmission to an even wider range of recipients. For other international communi­cations, MAILBOX is also interfaced with the Telex network.


A Swiss-based money broker relies on IPSANET to transmit bid and offers on money market and future rate agreements, and to update Honeywell decision support systems located in their offices around the world. An historic database is also maintained on a central mainframe in Toronto.


An industrial process control equipment manufacturer has an order entry system that enables them to process orders from around the world at one central warehouse. Inventory has been reduced, saving millions of dollars a year, and response time improved from 6 weeks to a very impressive 24 hours.


A manufacturer of personal computers uses IPSA's financial consolidation application, CONSOL, and IPSANET to perform consolidations on revenues, numbers of machines, and forecasts over their European subsidiaries. Data is input using a spreadsheet program on a personal computer, uploaded to CONSOL, and processed. The results are downloaded and sent to the United States.

For a large publishing company, IPSANET is key to their delivery of data to the international marketplace. For example, their electronic information service provides continually up-to-date energy price data.

A major petroleum company has an internal market intelligence system for their crude oil and petrochemical traders and dealers. Accessed from Reuters screens, all deals 'done' and 'considered' are entered into this system, which provides hard and soft information exchange among dealers.

IPSANET can be your gateway to a whole new world of opportunity.


I.P.Sharp Associates and IPSANET…The Winning Combination


Access to IPSANET from your own inhouse terminal can bring the world to your doorstep. A wealth of integrated services and IPSA's global business management applications are at your fingertips

We offer sophisticated, integrated systems that address the needs of the banking and financial community, the investment and securities industries, the information centre, the development centre, semiconductor manufacturing facilities, and emergency service organizations. Together, industry experts and technical specialists who understand the global system requirements of these specialized markets are developing software to meet these needs.


For more information on how we can help you contact your local IPSA office today.



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