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When you commit important data to a computer communications network, do you worry about it? About whether it will reach its proper destination, intact and as you sent it? Or about who might read it while it's on its way?

I. P. Sharp Associates (IPSA) worries about it too. We know that the intrinsic value of your data is increased by its rapid, reliable, and correct transmission, and we can assure you that this is the treatment it will receive with IPSANET. Our international packet-switched network was designed with security in mind.

Today's IPSANET users include international banks and financial institutions, manufacturers and oil companies, trade organizations and newswire services. They all depend on us to deliver their data in the most timely and effective manner, and the fact that we've met the security audits of our most cautious customers reinforces our claim that IPSANET data integrity and reliability are second to none.

IPSANET & Data Security

What Makes IPSANET Secure?

We designed it that way.

End-to-end confirmation of delivery of each data packet.

• Sequence numbering of data packets.

• Immediate notification to both ends of a connection if a call is interrupted.

• Adaptive routing of traffic, rather than fixed routes.

• Confidential internal protocol.

• No capability for network operators to monitor user data.

• Timeouts on initial dial-up connection.

• Automatic reroute of interrupted calls, when the reroute is possible without loss of data.

• Alternative redundant routes and automatic dial backup to maintain high reliability and availability.

The unique configuration of IPSANET guarantees maximum reliability. Each network node operates independently of the others, and the entire network can be controlled and managed from any location. Our performance record proves the success of this design. Since its establishment in 1976, IPSANET has been in continuous commercial service, and has never had a complete shutdown.

We run it that way.

Physical security of node processors.

• Continuous 24 hour, worldwide status monitoring.

• Immediate alarm and

response if network links are interrupted.

• Decentralized support staff and facilities.

With major support centres in Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Helsinki, London, Toronto, Rochester, New York City, Sydney, and Tokyo, you know that any interruption in service at any point in the network will receive quick and careful attention.

And then, if you're connecting to a host running IPSA mainframe software, there's the additional security of the system itself.

• User-changeable passwords.

• Timeouts on unsuccessful connections and idle sessions.

• Violation logging and reporting of unauthorized access attempts and connections.

• File access control.

• End-to-end data encoding when needed (Mainframe——PC).

When you have a need for extra-special security, we can provide that too.

• Limited access.

• Encryption.

Trust us to transmit and protect your important data. Letting us worry about its security means that you can get on with business.

Printed in Canada

July 1987

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