This section is intended to hold PDF versions of obsolete computer manuals.

Future contents will be programming manuals for the IBM 3705 and Computer Automation LSI-2.

I have managed to capture the contents of the 3705 programming manual (formally known as: GC30-3004-4 File No. S360/S370-09 IBM 3704 and 3705 Controllers Principles of Operation). The contents of the manual were created with Word:2001 Mac. The format is ".doc" with one document per chapter. Cover images includes JPEG quarter scale images of front and rear plus PNG Half scale images of the reader comment form. The Word douments and cover images are in a single zip archive which is less than one megabyte in size.

IBM 3705 manual front 3705 Manual (zip) IBM 3705 manual rear

I hope to include the manual for the Computer Automation LSI-2 in the future. It is about 200 pages along and will be an effort to scan, OCR and edit.