These photos were salvaged by Peter Wooster when Reuters Canada shut down its operations in the Exchange Tower. There are four groups of photos:
A] Mainframe hardware at E.T.((two images)
B] 3705 and Alpha hardware at E.T. (two images)
C] CAI LSI-2 boards owned by Peter Wooster which he has photographed. (two images)
D] English (London and Oxford) Alpha installations of various sizes
E] Continental Alpha installations of various sizes

I have created five different index pages for the benefit of those with limited bandwidth connections. I have provided hasty incomplete captions for the Toronto pictures. Any help in identifying mystery component would be appreciated.

E] Continental Alpha installations of various sizes. The asynchonous modems were provided by the national PTT and little information is available about their manaufacturers or model numbers. These installations were photographed by Geoff Oxer.


A Teletype ASR33 is visible to the left of the racks. It displayed network event messages originating on the Continent. Five Codex LSI modems are seen to the left of the ASR33.

The third rack includes an 8" floppy disc drive near the top. The bottom of the rack has two kinds of low speed modems. The fourth rack has low speed modems.

Amsterdam2 shows key cabinet, electrical distribution panel, and two small cabinets to hold PTT-supplied line conditioning equipment


LSI-2 and Codex LSI modem

Codex shelf mount modem similar to those seen in London photo is visible at top right.



Below the Alpha is a rack which carries two UMM breakout panels. The left most panel has four asynchronous cables; the centre panel has a single synchronous cable. Flat cable above the breakout panel was connected to a UMM in the Alpha chassis. In North America, the breakout panels were normally at the rear rather than the front.

A synchronous modem and four asynchronous modems are visible at the bottom.


The UMM breakout panel below the Alpha shows twelve low-speed cables. The extra four were connected to hard-wired terminals in the office. The package on top of the rack which looks like a pizza container held a spare board for the Alpha.