These photos were salvaged by Peter Wooster when Reuters Canada shut down its operations in the Exchange Tower in Toronto. There are four groups of photos:
A] Mainframe hardware at E.T.((two images)
B] 3705 and Alpha hardware at E.T. (two images)
C] CAI LSI-2 boards owned by Peter Wooster which he has photographed. (two images)
D] English (London and Oxford) Alpha installations of various sizes
E] Continental Alpha installations of various sizes

I have created five different index pages for the benefit of those with limited bandwidth connections. I have provided hasty incomplete captions for the Toronto pictures. Any help in identifying mystery component would be appreciated.

D] English Alpha installations of various sizes

London: The three people shown are Geoff Oxer[left], David Chivers, Roger Barnacle[right]. Left rack has nodes 4 and 26. Kennedy tape drive (connected to node ??) is behind Geoff. There is an another Alpha below the tape drive. Another Alpha is behind David. Rack on the right contains three shelves of Codex modems (two per shelf). Devices above and below the shelf-mount Codex modems are older rack-mount Codex modems. Green panel at top is a patch panel to assist in quick modem swaps. Location is basement of 132 Buckingham Palace Road.

Oxford site photo by Geoff Oxer. Node number is in hex rather than decimal as in London N26. The modem above "N4E" is a Racal Milgo 2400. The left hand rack contains eight asynchronous modems. The rack and modems were supplied by the British Post Office. It was known as a "Control 200A".